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Soul-ify Thumbalizer Newsletter Email

Felt a little hollow, when quick skimming my inbox, and found this rather dull marketing email, thought, I could do better :o)

Think of it as, this is our product, not just another product, we should put a little effort on selling…

Dear thumbalizr User,

this is to inform you, that we fixed a bug in member area that prevents
you from buy/renew a subscription.

Also, we reduced monthly pricing for our API products :

Silver Api from 9,99 EUR to 8,00 EUR
Gold API from 19,99 EUR to 12,00 EUR

Happy Easter!
thumbalizr team

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Dear Josephine, our proud member,

We have finally fixed our payment processing trouble, which rendered an inability to purchase or renew your subscription on our member page.
We dearly apologize for this and invite you to check if it’s still broken :)

Also, to commemorate our proud 4th anniversary,
(after constant optimization to our business operation,..)
(drums please…….)
we managed to adjust our product pricing!

Silver API - EUR 9,99 -> 8,00 (20% off)
Gold API - EUR 19,99 -> 12,00 (40% off)

We deeply thank you for your support and hope you enjoy using our service.

Happy Easter!
thumbalizer team

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